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Shearim Successes

Elena is from a Bucharian family. She received a lot of pressure from relatives to abandon her Jewish education and go to a fast-track charter school. However, Elena desired a true Jewish foundation for her life. Shearim advocated for her and kept her in the fold through graduation. Elena is now married to a Torah-true young man and is raising two adorable children in Brooklyn.


Suzanne was new to Yiddishkeit when she began at Shearim in 2011. Her family had expressed a desire to learn more about Jewish practices when she was in middle school, and that led to her enrollment in  Shearim. Suzanne persevered through the challenges of  having a minimal background in Jewish learning, and graduated in 2015. She went on to seminary in Israel; and gradually brought her entire family to Orthodoxy. Suzanne (now Sara Rachel) is married and lives in the Unsdorf neighborhood of Jerusalem.


Shifra was a student from a well-established family in the Phoenix community. She had a wonderful experience at Shearim where she grew personally and academically  She continued her education with seminary in Israel, and recently married a wonderful young man from Flatbush. Shifra had a smooth, positive educational experience at Shearim without much of a story. This is true for so many of Shearim’s students, and a testament to our stability.


(above names were change for privacy)

Testimonial from Shearim Graduate Shoshana Munarova: It is honestly incredible to think that I have now been a graduate of Shearim for almost as long as I was a student in Shearim! While there, I experienced tremendous growth and transformation. As my time in high school was ending and my future quickly approaching, I felt that I was prepared for what came next. Prepared to succeed in seminary, in college, and now in the workplace. And more importantly, prepared to lead a life of Kiddush Hashem and to step into my role as a Jewish woman. The warm staff, the learning, the lifelong friends, and the unforgettable memories we created together are what made my time in Shearim so truly meaningful to me. I am eternally grateful for this priceless opportunity.

Colleges Attended by Shearim Graduates

Arizona State University

Stern College for Women at Yeshiva University

Stanford University

Lander College for Women at Touro College

Clearskin Institute of Laser Esthetics

Blitstein Institute for Women, Chicago

Paradise Valley Community College

Maalot of Baltimore

Machon Tal (Israel)

Apollo College


Israeli Seminaries Attended by Shearim Graduates

Meohr Beis Yakov

Ateres Bnos Yerushalayim

Darchei Bina

Bnot Torah

Midreshet Tehilla

Bnos Sarah

Machon Raaya

Machon Maayan

Tomer Devora

Michlalah Jerusalem College

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