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Meet Our Board

Passionate Advocates for Shearim Torah High School

Lori Brown, President of the Board

Lori Brown: I joined the Shearim Board of Directors approximately five years ago when my oldest daughter was only six years old. I was already a supporter of Shearim and wanted to do more to help sustain and grow Shearim so it would continue to be an excellent Jewish high school for girls when my daughters were ready for high school. I have seen the students grow physically, educationally and spiritually in their four years at Shearim and transform from young girls into young women. I am proud to be a supporter of Shearim and look forward to being a part of its continued success in the Phoenix Jewish community.

Amy Dubitsky, Board Member

Shearim has had a special place in my heart since it started over 13 years ago. As a teacher for the inaugural class, wife of a staff member, board member, and now as a parent to two Shearim students, I have a lot of pride in what Shearim has accomplished for our community. This year with approximately 50 students, we can truly say that Shearim has grown into a full-sized educational institution and is able to offer the services and classes equal to those at Jewish high schools in large cities. I look forward to the next stage of Shearim’s growth and to the continued success of our graduates.

Mimi Gonsky, Board Member

A Jewish high school for girls is integral for the sustainability of a Jewish community.  As a mother of four girls, I realized that I represent many who share similar values in Torah education. I am excited to be a new member of the board and I hope I can use my skills as a saleswoman and as a former teacher to contribute to this wonderful school.

Susan Heller Ph.D., Board Member

Education has been a lifelong pursuit of mine having served as an elementary school teacher, principal, adjunct professor at ASU, and member of the Madison School Board. I joined the board in 2012 to help guide Shearim’s development into a stronger and more sustainable organization because I sensed the importance of Shearim and Rabbi Landesman’s vision. I am committed to helping Shearim thrive so that its students have the opportunity to blossom in Torah.

Chaya Kanner,  Board Member

Rabbi Chaim Zimmerman, Board Member

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