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Rabbi Raphael Landesman
Head of School

As the Head of School, my primary role is to empower staff members and students to not only succeed but to also become leaders themselves. As a small, but growing, school Shearim has the unique ability to provide abundant individual attention and support to each student. Our staff consists of dedicated team members who are always open and attentive to the needs of all their students. When staff members see the results of this extra devotion, they are motivated to further increase their efforts to promote student success.  Shearim also offers many leadership roles for students, from the more traditional Student Council to specific jobs such as organizing school-spirit events and helping their peers, both academically and socially. Everyone in Shearim joins together to continually raise the levels of learning, belonging, and growing.

Mrs. Altreana Anderson
General Studies Principal

At Shearim, we believe that every girl has unique abilities, and we are proud to offer curricula that matches the needs of each student. In addition to our core classes, Shearim offers AP courses for advanced students and we also have a highly capable resource team that provides learning support on a regular basis. I review each student’s transcript and grades with her to ensure that she will be prepared to achieve her post-secondary education goals. Annually, I gauge the students’ skills through the Galileo Benchmark Exam and in-house tests in English, Language Arts, and Math. I spend many hours each week observing classrooms and teachers. I use all these assessment methods, in collaboration with other schools’ benchmarks, to evaluate our own curriculum, determine a grade-level equivalency, and assist teachers in tailoring their instruction to best ensure student success.

Mrs. Cindy Landesman

As the Mechaneches, I am a lead Judaic studies teacher and I guide students in their spiritual and personal growth. I frequently meet with students on a formal level but also have many impromptu casual conversations, ensuring that they know I am always available for support or advice, or just to listen. A primary focus in Shearim is character development and emphasizing the importance of beautiful middos. Along with several student leaders, I head the Mishmeres Program which is a project of the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation. Each month we present a different aspect of how to work on our speech, thoughts, and actions to keep positively building our relationships with others.

Mrs. Deena Zachai

As a Mechaneches, I engage with students individually and get to know their unique strengths and interests. I love bonding with the girls and sharing warmth and wit.  Untapping the unique talents that every girl has, which may not be readily apparent in the classroom, makes Shearim a positive and nurturing environment for all.  My primary goal as a Chumash teacher and educator is to inspire and motivate my students to become independent learners and critical thinkers.  At Shearim, we do this by developing the students’ skills in understanding text while going beyond the surface to delve deeper and find relevance and meaning they can apply to their lives as Bas Yisroel.  We strive daily to create a lively and exciting classroom experience with free exchanges of ideas, where every student feels supported and appreciated.  I also oversee our school Chessed program, along with our wonderful student Chessed heads. This program provides meaningful opportunities for the Talmidos to thrive together with productive community projects and paves the way for a lifetime of sensitivity and kindness to others.  

As Student Activities Coordinator, I provide several activities that allow the girls to grow and shine in areas other than academics. Student Council gives girls opportunities to develop leadership, responsibility, and time management skills. Chessed, our community service program, enables girls to build unique relationships with community members through giving of their time and care. Our Ruach program adds school spirit throughout the year and shows students that Shearim truly values and loves every student. Class and schoolwide Shabbatons unite the students to promote feelings of family closeness. In addition to these many programs, I am available to provide a listening ear and support personal growth for all our students.

Dr. Sharon Lite
Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, I wear many hats at Shearim Torah High School. My primary goal is to ensure that Shearim runs as effectively and efficiently as possible. I handle a wide variety of projects, both small and large, and I am available to assist the staff, parents, and students with administrative and technical issues. I welcome students into my office to talk about any of their needs, whether they be academic or social. I aim to help all Shearim students succeed in all their educational pursuits.

Mrs. Malka Reminick
Front Office Receptionist


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