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Mission Statement


To impart to our students the knowledge, strength of character, and life skills that will empower them to successfully engage all aspects of their lives as committed Jewish women.

  • Knowledge – The educated Jewish woman is one who has a mastery of numerous areas of Torah, from Chumash and Navi to Halacha and Jewish philosophy. The student that attains a familiarity with the spectrum of Torah wisdom gains a transformative understanding of what it means to be a Jew, and is able to access that knowledge for guidance in every aspect of her life.  Knowledge is not limited to Judaic studies, and fluency in general studies is a crucial element in building a comprehensive educational foundation for our girls’ future endeavors. Mastering the rigors of advanced mathematical and scientific analysis, strong development of literary skills, and a thorough understanding of the complex historical and sociological forces that have shaped our world are essential to the building of a student who is up to the challenges of college, career, and achievement of true wisdom. Shearim High School’s dual curriculum format is designed to produce a Torah-centric and educationally proficient graduate, who understands her unique role as a Jewish woman.

  • Strength of Character – A young woman’s teenage years shape her identity and her vision for her life’s journey. Gentle guidance throughout this process is crucial, both in her gaining awareness of her personal strengths and difficulties, and in her assimilation of the Torah’s model of the consummate individual. Shearim High School’s Middos program, with its monthly focus on diverse areas of character building, regular Chessed outings, and sophisticated courses of Jewish Thought, urges our students to understand and implement thoughtful and mature responses to life’s challenges.

  • Life skills – Today’s complex world demands a varied set of leadership, technical, and interpersonal skills in order to succeed. Shearim aims to meet that challenge by providing leadership seminars, computer fluency training, fundamentals of finance, and interpersonal communication courses for our students, to better endow them with the tools they need to thrive both in relationships with their families and friends, and in interaction with contemporary society.

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